AVG Secure VPN Is Probably The Best

I have used several Virtual Private Networks (VPN) apps  in the past for both PC and mobile but I have honestly found one to be outstanding. That’s AVG secure VPN. Previously I thought that may be Psiphon pro, Samsung Max plus one other premium VPN were probably the best before I tried this one out. I was so wrong.

I base my judgement on several factors and AVG secure VPN beat all of them in all aspects. The only difference is that the AVG secure VPN is a premium version only ( of course has 14 day trial also) but even the rest have trials for the premium which still didn’t compare closely to it.

You Now Have Control Over Who Can Add You To Whatsapp Groups

Well, all that is going to be a thing of the past, from now on, you will have complete control of who can add you to groups. Whatsapp in its recent update to its Android and iOS versions introduced a new feature that will enable users to choose who can add them to a chat […]

GBWhatsapp Shuts Down: What Next?

This is a big blow to many Android OS users since GBWhatsapp was only available for use on Android devices only but was downloadable from the official Google Play store, users could only install by side loading the apk file.

Many features will be missed including hiding blue ticks (read receipt) to the recipient yet sender could see their blue ticks, hiding second ticks, hiding status view, hiding typing status, freezing last seen, scheduled status updates, automatic responses, customised themes, sending HD quality media files, status updates of up to 7 minutes, sending up to 100 attachments while sharing media and many more customisations. Some of the above features meant that you could read someone’s message and they could not notice as they will still be seeing one tick and your last seen would be stuck in the past, so you would not be under pressure to reply to some people. Only reply when you wish to.

Whatsapp Trick Does Not Save Your Storage Space

There have been rumours on making rounds on Whatsapp about how changing media visibility in gallery can help you save your valuable phone storage. This is not true at all. This option on helps you to hide the downloaded photos or videos from your gallery (and may be help hide those nudes ) but are actually saved in a hidden folder on your device, hence using your space.

Why Every Website Needs SSL Certificate

SSL (short for Secure Sockets Layer) is the certificate that encrypts communications between the server or mail client and the person visiting your website in a browser. In order to use SSL, you need to have an SSL Certificate installed on your server.All browsers have the capability to interact with secured web servers using the SSL protocol.

How To read Whatsapp Deleted Messages

If you didn’t know, Whatsapp carries out daily automated chat back ups at 2:00am on Whatsapp for Android, Windows, and Iphone. It’s through these backups that we shall be able to read all the deleted messages that we had not yet read.

How To Back Up Contacts On Google Account

Losing contacts because you lost your device should be a thing of the past. With the Google contacts sync you can save all your contacts and access them anywhere you’re logged in. All you have to do is to set up your Android or Apple device for sync

Alternatives To Social Media Block

The “Blue Ticking” queens should prepare themselves for more tears because now on top of not seeing the blue ticks on Whatsapp, even the second tick may fail to appear since the messages wont be delivered when the block to social media is effected

Car owners Prefer To Service Their Vehicles Than Have Medical Check Up

It has come to my notice that many car owners today do regular service for the cars than they actually have a medical check themselves. One of the people I talked to gave a reason that for him he doesn’t go for regular health checks because he feels he is “Okay”, so there is no need to go regularly to hospital to have routine checks done.

Viglink Review: Affiliate Outbound Links And Make Money From Your Site

Viglink is a monetization platform that turns your outbound links into affiliate links hence enabling you earn extra from your site or blog when the users who followed the link make a successful purchase. All this happens without you having to sign up with the many available affiliate networks, isn’t that cool? All this is […]

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