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I am Ivan Luyimbazi and I’m a medical doctor from Uganda.I’ve done a lot of stuff, but I’m probably best known for being tech guru. I also design websites and write for Dakitari, a health blog.

In the past, I’ve worked as a tech support dude and virus removal expert, helped thousands of students fix their computers.

I’m obsessed with technology, human potential and computing. When I grow up, I want to write, and teach people how to shoot for the stars.

This site is my personal website, which is also an aggregator for all my web design work, guest posts, and all the raving press about me. Oh, and there’s some sort of blog, You can also hire me to do whatever your heart desires, or stalk me.

I have a life philosophy that basically revolves around doing. I’m not content to just sit around and wait for things to happen; I make them happen. I believe half of success is just showing up or speaking out, and that the other half is actually having something to show. I’m committed to personal development, and I’m obsessed with all the amazing new stuff that’s coming out everyday.

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