Cardless Teller To Save Us From Gloomy Faces

Just the other day i went to one of the banks around town to make a deposit via the usual ATM machine, walked into the room and my card could not be accepted by the machine. Left the room almost mad, that’s when the security guard said that there was a better machine inside the banking but I had insisted, telling him that I wasn’t ready to see any gloomy face to spoil my day. I finally walked in and was led to this new Cardless Automated Teller machine. Deep in my heart I was like how my I going o use this monster, but in just a few seconds the machine welcomed me and all I did was to follow instructions which were aired out politely.

I entered my account number, My name immediately appeared on the screen and I was instructed to choose the service I wanted, there was an option for withdrawing, depositing and balance check. In all this I hadn’t seen any gloomy face from anyone or that silly bad attitude we usually get from some banks.

so I chose the transaction which I wanted, deposit, the machine instructed me to put my deposit in the cash slot and it did the counting, and verification of amount immediately, then I had to just confirm the amount and I got a print out of my deposit slip.

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What Did The Cardless Teller Save Me From?

  • There were no issues of network jamming like in one of the banks in town where they always have a network problem
  • No queue, waiting time reduced greatly
  • Of course I didn’t meet one of those girls (tellers) who bring all their problems and frustrations from home to the clients
  • No issues of correct this, counter sign here
  • I hate writing with a pen, didn’t have to do this this time