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How To Manually Enter Internet Settings (APN) for Uganda Networks, 2G, 3G, 4G


Manually entering internet settings for Uganda networks ie: MTN, Africell, Airtel, K2, Smile , etc should be the easiest thing to do when you get that new internet enabled phone. Usually when you insert your sim-card into a new device your network provider automatically sends you the settings which you have to save and activate in order to use the internet services.

In case the internet settings are not sent automatically you will have to manually set up your device by following a few simple steps on your internet-enabled device.

How To Configure Your Device

Go to the settings section of your Android device, navigate to wireless and networks, then mobile networks, then Access point names, then tap the ADD NEW option

Internet Settings For Africell Uganda

Africell Uganda usually sends internet settings automatically or if you send the message GET to 152, but in case all this doesn’t work out, please enter these settings in your device and save, don’t forget to activate your new settings.


Leave all other fields blank then save and activate.

Internet Settings for MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda also automatically send internet settings when an internet-enabled device is detected or when you request for them by sending the message YELLOLIVE to 188. If this fails, enter the following settings in your device.

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APN: internet

Leave other fields blank, save and activate.

Internet Settings For Airtel Uganda, Vodafone Uganda, Smile

APN: internet

Leave other fields blank, save and activate. But remember to enable data roaming in order to use Internet for Vodafone Uganda.

Internet Settings For Lyca Mobile Uganda


Settings For K2 Telecom

APN: apnk2


port: 8080

Please don’t hesitate to contact customer care support for your network in case you enter these settings and still you can’t access the Internet despite having a valid data bundle and Internet enabled on the device.

These settings work for all network modes ie; 2G, 3G or 4G