How To read Whatsapp Deleted Messages



Are you among those people who get mad whenever someone, especially the one you love, deletes a Whatsapp message before you get your eyes on it? Well, you can have all those messages restored through a very simple step.

If you didn’t know, Whatsapp carries out daily automated chat back ups at 2:00am on Whatsapp for Android, Windows, and Iphone. It’s through these backups that we shall be able to read all the deleted messages that we had not yet read.

All you have to do is to remove your current whatsapp installation. Then go to your device app store and download a fresh version of whatsapp, verify your number, and then select the option to restore from a back that is found automatically. But make sure your chats you want to retrieve had been backed up before you remove the app.

After the above step, all the previously deleted messages will appear as though they were not deleted.

The other alternative would be using a modified whatsapp version called GBWHATSAPP. This version has many features including anti-revoke, freeze last seen, video status updates up to 7 minutes, larger file size for media sharing, remove forwarded label, etc.