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AVG Secure VPN Is Probably The Best

I have used several Virtual Private Networks (VPN) apps  in the past for both PC and mobile but I have honestly found one to be outstanding. That’s AVG secure VPN. Previously I thought that may be Psiphon pro, Samsung Max plus one other premium VPN were probably the best before I tried this one out. I was so wrong.

I base my judgement on several factors and AVG secure VPN beat all of them in all aspects. The only difference is that the AVG secure VPN is a premium version only ( of course has 14 day trial also) but even the rest have trials for the premium which still didn’t compare closely to it.

Before we talk about what makes the AVG secure VPN let me tell you the reasons why one may need a VPN.

  • VPNs can help you bypass website restrictions for example social media in Uganda was blocked except if one pays OTT. But with a good VPN access any blocked site.
  • A VPN can help you browse anonymously by hiding your location
  • Online privacy especially on untrusted networks

Let’s look at the factors that make AVG VPN stand out of the crowd.

Data Usage

I found it to be the most efficient at using mobile data. No file download was involved during the comparison period, just normal browsing. Can you imagine this app used less than 10 MB of data in 8 hours of usage compared to hundreds of MB used by others in a short time for same sites visited.

Battery Consumption

AVG secure VPN used less than 1% of my battery in a period of 24 hours yet it remained connected all through. It did not cause the unnecessary over heating of my device too.


I carried out an internet speed test while connected to the AVG secure VPN and on direct connection, the results were the same. Streaming of live videos was also seamless with this VPN, there was no need to buffer or get images blurry plus lowering to a lower video quality.

Multiple Server Locations

The AVG secure VPN offers a variety of server locations even those dedicated for streaming. They have several server locations in all the continents, including Africa.  This means that you can easily access content restricted to given locations. I guess most of you have already seen a message like “This video/content is not available in your country.”

Easy Configuration

The set up dashboard for both PC and Mobile is so easy to use with options like auto-connect, exclude cellular (mobile data), exclude Trusted WiFi Networks, and activate Kill switch which automatically disconnects your device from the internet in case the VPN connection is suddenly lost.

I am still wondering why the other free VPNs drain device batteries and mobile data so hugely. Does paying change a thing supposing you were initially using free version then upgrade? Does the battery usage reduce after upgrading? I doubt.

You can head over to your app store or AVG website and give it a try then give your reviews.


Disclaimer: I am not in anyway affiliated to AVG secure VPN and I will not get any commission fro this. This is just my view of the product I used.

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