Car owners Prefer To Service Their Vehicles Than Have Medical Check Up

It has come to my notice that many car owners today do regular service for the cars than they actually have a medical check themselves. One of the people I talked to gave a reason that for him he doesn’t go for regular health checks because he feels he is “Okay”, so there is no need to go regularly to hospital to have routine checks done. So I asked him if he only takes his car for service only when it has broken down and he was like he takes it on a recommendation from the service man, that’s after he has completed the 5,000 km mileage. Do we humans also have a mileage that we have to reach in order to go see a medic??? Do we need to first break down then we know that something is really wrong?

Reasons People Don’t Go for Medical Check

  • They are too busy, they don’t have time for themselves
  • They are not feeling sick
  • Many think it’s just a wast of their hard earned money
  • It is not a requeirement
  • Lack of awareness. Actually many people don’t know the reasons they should have this done.


Reasons Why Cars Are taken For Regular Service

  • Ensure Safety
  • Prevent malfunctions
  • Increase performance
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Lower cost of operation
  • Get a peace of mind
  • Prolong car’s life

Imagine if we thought for a second and we wished all the above could also happen to our dear lives ( where applicable).


Here is Why You Need That regular Medical check

  • Regular medical check-ups help the doctors diagnose a disease before it advances to greater proportions. These screenings are done on the basis of an individual’s age, sex, history, and lifestyle choices.
  • If one wants to cut down on the healthcare costs they may incur it is important that one schedules a regular health screening. These regular check-ups ensure that you save money in the long run. This is the case because regular health check-ups mitigates the risk of potential health ailments that can turn out to be dangerous. It can also, in certain cases, help reduce the risks of undergoing surgery and other serious medical expenditure.
  • Your screening results will tell your doctor all they need to know about your health. Depending upon them they may warn you and/or give you advice on how you can better maintain your health. A simple example is how so many people ignore their dental health. This can exacerbate very rapidly and cause problems at a later stage. When identified at an early stage problems can be handled with small changes in lifestyle.
  • To get a peace of mind – The  Internet can be a good  health resource but  often leads to unnecessary worry.  Instead of surfing the web for a generic, or incorrect answer, talk to a doctor in person to get the full picture
  • Establish a relationship with your physician. I  believe that a good patient-physician relationship is one of the most unique human experiences we can have. Having a regular physician means having someone who knows the intricacies of your medical history and who will work with you to shape your healthy present and future. Find a doctor you like, and stick with them.

When was the last time you had a visit to the doctor?


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