Emotional Tribute Letter to George Jones

This is probably one of the most emotional songs i have ever listened to my whole life. it’s a tribute by Leona Williams and Merle Hag to the fallen country legend George Jones “the Possum”.

You can as well go ahead and view the unofficial song lyrics.

Song Lyrics (Unofficial)

Hey possum, this is Leona
I met a fan of yours today, George
She gave me a letter that you passed away
She said Leona, will you and Hag ,
Please help me let him know before it’s too late
Because the only address i have is
Mr Jones anywhere in the USA
And as she talked about you George
Her eyes lit up brighter than any star in heaven’s sky
And if you listen while i read her letter
then you’ll know the reason why

Dear George,
Please, you’ve got to take time and read this letter
because every word over it is from my heart
you see i’m most probably the only person in the world who would never hurt you
because i see myself and a thousand other broken hearts all over the world
when i hear you sing
it takes one to know one
don’t it George
and i know that’s why you sing a sad song like no one else has ever done
and you’ve touched millions in the same way

But George,
that night in that motel room you really touched me
like the way you shook my hand and you hugged my neck
i thought my whole world had ended
because never once did i think i was good enough
and you did help me figure out
and you played my guitar
and i will never sell it
well, they’ll most probably bury me with it
because George you held it with more love
than i had ever seen a man hold a woman with
and we we both laughed when you said
this kind of lack of woman
has to be tamed before you start falling with it
and we talked about how much we both loved Hag
and how his song must’ve done something bad for us to tear
you said you might record it someday
and i told you Hag loved you as much as i did
and he’d be great on it

But George, you know always i sat there and listened to you sing
everyone else in that old motel room
is talking, and God what a loss
they say because they miss the biggest George Jones concert in the world
you sing right what your heart is speaking at that very minute
you asked me how old I was
and you said you couldn’t believe it
took the saddest song you knew would make me cry
then you said yes Jesus loves me
well George, what i’m trying to say
is i love you too
we all love you
we thank god
you’ve come back to us
don’t leave us
but most of all George
thank you for calling me your friend

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