How To Make An Organised Desktop

Many times I have come across people’s laptops or desktops with a very disorganised desktop as that in the picture above and I really wonder why they do it like that. This mostly affects ladies where by you find whatever file or movie or music clip they ever own ends up being thrown all over the entire desktop except of course for their photo gallery which they manage to create a folder for.


Are they disorganised by choice or they just don’t know what to do?
Few people are disorganised because it’s their preference. But organisation takes time, and however little time it may be, it’s generally easier to do nothing than to take a few seconds to file something away in the appropriate folder.
It will take you very few minutes of your time to create a few folders to put your files into. And for those using the windows operating system, this is simplified for you because libraries come pre-installed for you including; Photos, Movies, Music, documents. But still, many of you just ignore or don’t ever use these libraries at all.

make-organized-desktopYou can further go ahead and create your own folders for your different files other than just throwing them on the desktop. A disorganised desktop is a total turn off for me and once I find your desktop disorganised I think that’s who you are – DISORGANISED

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If you can’t do this yourself, you have an option of installing and running a desktop customisation tool; there are several free tools available and you can download any. My favourite of these tools is Fences. Other tools include ObjectDock for Mac, RocketDock, Tiles, Dexpot, Rainmeter, Emerge Desktop, Stick, My Folders, Launchy.

Now the ball is in your hands, choose any of the tools above get a little bit organised.


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