The Things About Winter That I Have Failed To Cope With

It’s a few days into winter and I am already finding challenges coping with some of the changes that come along with it.

This is my very first Winter season to start while I am here. The first winter I experienced was last year’s and I came to Europe from Africa to wards the end of that season, but still, I spent the whole of that period in doors. I was too scared of the cold.

This year is totally a different story. Man has to eat so I have to move out of that house almost daily. Yes, this is a totally new experience for someone coming from the tropics and there are many new things that you have to get used to in order to survive in this cold weather.

Forget the usual daily sunshine that could always wake me up in the morning.

These are some of the things that are still giving me headache.

  1.  Cold Toilet Seat – I really enjoy spending the first few minutes of every morning on the toilet, just there thinking and making future plans. Imagine having the thought of having your bottoms being greeted by a very cold toilet seat each single morning even after pre-heating the bathroom. So last morning while sitting on a cold one a thought of getting a toilet seat mat online crossed my dirty mind. Guess what?  I found several of those available being marketed as warm and soft, non itritant to delicate & sensitive skin, machine/hand washable. I am so getting myself one soonest.
  2. Spending At Least Ten Minutes To Demist Or Defrost Car Windscreen And Windows – Gone are the days when I just had to drive off a few moments after entering the car. But now Winter is teaching me another principle of life of being patient. Even with the use of agents like de-icers, you still have to wait a few minutes to warm up your engine so that your windscreen can clear off before driving away. Another problem that comes with this is the almost freezing cold steering wheel which is rather uncomfortable for me since I hate wearing winter gloves.
  3. Wearing A Jacket/Coat – I think this should have been top on the list. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like putting on heavy clothes but I’m left with no option. I either wear one or freeze. Wearing jackets/coats though comes with one added benefit on my side, I don’t have to worry about ironing the shirt or T-shirt inside because this jacket won’t go off anyway.  😂
  4. Keeping doors/windows shut – In Africa the first thing we do in the morning is to open all doors or windows but try that ‘madness’ here the cold will teach you a free lesson.
  5. Artificial Heating – The artificial heating of the houses has never proven sufficient for me even when the heaters are put to maximum. I usually find myself covered deep inside the duvet so that I can heat myself up properly.
  6. The Clock –  The clock moved 1 hour back for our timezone but that makes me lag 3 hours behind people in my home country. This always has an effect on me in a way that I find people calling me at 4am GMT becuase it’s already 7 am on their side. And for my case I also find it comfortable to text them at 10pm GMT when it’s 1 am on their side. I don’t do it because I want to get back at them, but it’s just how I find myself.

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