Viglink Review: Affiliate Outbound Links And Make Money From Your Site


Viglink is a monetization platform that turns your outbound links into affiliate links hence enabling you earn extra from your site or blog when the users who followed the link make a successful purchase. All this happens without you having to sign up with the many available affiliate networks, isn’t that cool? All this is done with no effect to your site’s SEO.

Viglink can be a better alternative for Adsense since it generates more revenue from affiliate sales than just views like other ad services. It is also very easy for your site or blog to be added to Viglink with no stringent rules like Adsense.Let’s look at the pros and cons of this monetization platform;


  • Very little effort needed to set up
  • Instant program approval
  • Timely payment via Paypal
  • Large variety of merchants in almost every niche
  • Only highest bidding merchants assigned to links
  • no regional restrictions
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • can be used at the same time with other monetization platforms like Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, etc
  • Does not change already existing affiliate links


  • only works with javascript enabled browsers so will not work with your AMP pages
  • May sometimes be redirected to a broken link
  • risk of over linking text in your content

How To Set Up Viglink

The initial set up involves first signing up for a Viglink account. This account is free of charge and no credit card payment details will be required. a code will then be generated and this is what you will put in the html code of your site. For WordPress users, you can use a plugin if you are not familiar with code.

Then in your dashboard, go to settings and follow the screenshots below.

The other way is to make money through Viglink is through their referral program found in the dashboard, you get 35% of your referral’s revenue for the first year.

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