The Things About Winter That I Have Failed To Cope With

I really enjoy spending the first few minutes of every morning on the toilet, just there thinking and making future plans. Imagine having the thought of having your bottoms being greeted by a very cold toilet seat each single morning even after pre-heating the bathroom. So last morning while sitting on a cold one a thought of getting a toilet seat mat online crossed. Guess what? I found several of those available being marketed as warm and soft, non itritant to delicate & sensitive skin, machine/hand washable. I am so getting myself one soonest.


Car owners Prefer To Service Their Vehicles Than Have Medical Check Up

It has come to my notice that many car owners today do regular service for the cars than they actually have a medical check themselves. One of the people I talked to gave a reason that for him he doesn’t go for regular health checks because he feels he is “Okay”, so there is no need to go regularly to hospital to have routine checks done.


Cardless Teller To Save Us From Gloomy Faces

Just the other day i went to one of the banks around town to make a deposit via the usual ATM machine, walked into the room and my card could not be accepted by the machine. Left the room almost mad, that’s when the security guard said that there was a better machine inside the banking but I had insisted, telling him that I wasn’t ready to see any gloomy face to spoil my day. I finally walked in and was led to this new Cardless Automated Teller machine